Product Overview


USB Monitor Pro is a software tool allowing to monitor USB traffic, detect bugs and issues in the process of development of software, hardware and drivers for USB devices. The program helps to analyze thousands of packets and megabytes of binary information in order to trace and eliminate errors.

It allows monitoring of incoming or outgoing data for any USB devices plugged to your computer. The program is an efficient packet sniffer and traffic analyzer for Windows that makes debugging process easy and fast. USB Monitor Pro is a reliable way to decode, filter, detect errors in the USB data stream without any expensive hardware.

The program is easy to use. Simply install it, attach the USB device and start monitoring.

Monitoring of critical information

Any critical information will not pass by USB Monitor Pro. INTERNAL_IOCTLs, URB packets and IRP packets of PnP and Power Management subsystems will be captured, analyzed and displayed immediately. The process of data monitoring is performed in both directions from and to the device.


The captured data is displayed in an arranged format which makes it easy to perceive, understand and search the information you need.

All the data is shown in chronological order. Just click on a packet to get detailed information of URB and INTERNAL_IOCTL packets whenever you want.

Hot-plugged device monitoring

If the feature is configured, the program is waiting for a device to be plugged in to start monitoring. At the moment you plug a USB device into your computer the program starts data gathering automatically. This unique feature allows to see what happens with the device at the beginning.

Monitoring in real time

It’s not needed to switch between two different processes like analyzing information and monitoring a USB device. Thanks to this feature you can examine the needed data while monitoring a USB device. Beyond that, you can easily monitor several USB devices simultaneously.

Pure software solution

USB Monitor Pro is 100% software solution. It does not require any additional hardware in order to monitor USB traffic. Just plug a USB device into any USB port of your computer and start data gathering.

Data searching and filtering engine

The program enables quick and easy way for searching through the captured data of the USB device. You can even search data by inner content of a URB packet.

Built-in filter lets you quickly find packets you need. The filtering mechanism allows dynamic displaying of required information and automatic hiding of unnecessary packets.

Switching between outgoing and incoming packets

You don't have to search for corresponding outgoing and incoming packets manually. Just press the appropriate hotkey and the program will switch you to IN/OUT corresponding packets automatically, saving your time and speeding up the process.

Monitoring of multiple USB devices

If you need to monitor several USB devices simultaneously, you can easily do it. It makes no problem at all! USB Monitor Pro allows monitoring of multiple USB devices at the same time.

Restart device stack emulation

The software allows to emulate the restart of a USB device without unplugging it physically. So you can reinitialize the device just in one click without unplugging it physically.

Saving captured data

Captured data can be saved to a file. You can open this file with USB Monitor Pro any time and analyze the information. Saved data will be displayed as if it were just captured.

Gathering complete USB device information

With USB Monitor Pro you can gather the information you need and see it in an organized and convenient format. The program allows you to gather the following types of data:

  • Device descriptor (USB device type, manufacturer, USB device protocol, data volume, the number of configurations).
  • Configuration descriptor (the number of interfaces).
  • Interface descriptor.
  • Endpoint descriptor.